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JUXTAPOSITION: Obsolete Machines | Resilient Nature

Orazio Salati Gallery Solo Show

I currently have a solo show at the beautiful Orazio Salati Gallery in Binghamton, NY, through May. Gallery Hours: Saturdays 11 - 3 PM and by appointment.

Although most of my paintings are connected with nature, I am also drawn to paint old machines. I'm fascinated by the fact that these huge metal machines are no longer of use and yet the soft, seemingly-fragile, natural world seems to find a way to continue on. In this show I have just 4 larger works of different machines—mining, logging, a steam engine from a train and a huge machine factory pulley — contrasted with many smaller florals and other growing things. Every year, without fail, they find a way to grow again.

204 State Street, Binghamton NY 13901   Phone: 607 772 6725

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